lithotherapeutical natural stone jewellery

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Jewelry made from natural stones is very common recently, and anyone can wear them irrespective of your age, to look special. Different gemstones have various unique qualities which emphasize on the characters of their wearers by displaying power and class….

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How to maintain gold-plated jewellery?

Gold-plated jewellery is more delicate than gold jewellery. They require much more attention and special care. They are mainly made of iron and gold. Plated jewellery has a thin layer of gold. The gold part that surrounds it must be…

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How to wear a signet ring?

In the past, the signet ring was considered as a social and cultural signature showing the title of the wearer. Nowadays, wearing this ring no longer reflects the function of the person wearing it. It is not necessarily a ring…

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Ankle chain: left, or right?

The ankle chain is a bracelet that you put on your foot, hence the name ankle bracelet. This culture made its reputation several years ago. The meaning of wearing this ankle chain varied from country to country. Putting the ankle…

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How to wear diamond jewellery?

In the past, diamonds were forbidden to young girls. It was a very important gift that only the husband could give to his wife. But nowadays, anyone who can afford it can wear diamond jewellery. However, you must know how…

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How to choose your wedding rings and engagement ring?

Before a marriage, both spouses have a duty to find the woman’s engagement ring and their wedding rings. These jewels are meant to be worn for a long time. It is therefore necessary to make the right choice. Depending on…

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