Ankle chain: left, or right?

The ankle chain is a bracelet that you put on your foot, hence the name ankle bracelet. This culture made its reputation several years ago. The meaning of wearing this ankle chain varied from country to country.

Putting the ankle chain on the right

Nowadays, putting on an ankle chain has become very fashionable. Everyone can now wear this costume jewellery. The place of the chain on our ankle may be insignificant to you, but it is important. You still need to know where to put this foot jewellery so that you are not judged wrong by others. When we are right-handed, we often tend to put the ankle chain on our right foot. However, know that this has a special meaning. As with the earrings we have, wearing this jewellery on our right foot indicates that the person is a heterosexual. Women who wear this bracelet on their right foot are also considered to be call girls or fancy prostitutes. So be careful if you don't want to be judged.

Put the ankle chain on the left

The dowel chain can be designed in different manufacturing materials. This gives the owner a wide choice. Contrary to what has been said above, the ankle chain on the left side indicates that the wearer has rather homosexual preferences. For many Christians, wearing this jewel on the left ankle is considered the mark of the devil and revolves around all things evil.

What style should the ankle chain be associated with?

There are no rules to follow for wearing an ankle chain only, here are some little tips to consider arranging your look. You need to spice up the outfit you wear with the chain to make it stand out. The most important rule is to bare your ankle. Avoid clothing that hides your foot, but opt instead for miniskirts, shorts, small dresses, leggings, and anything that allows your ankle to be seen. A good foot care is also to be done to accompany this ankle bracelet. In order not to break the beauty brought by the ankle bracelet, think about doing a pedicure before putting this jewel on your foot.
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