How to wear a signet ring?

In the past, the signet ring was considered as a social and cultural signature showing the title of the wearer. Nowadays, wearing this ring no longer reflects the function of the person wearing it. It is not necessarily a ring for men. Women can also wear it.

The finger to choose

The signet ring is a ring like any other, yet the way a man wears it evokes different information about its owner. There are many rules to follow when wearing a signet ring, especially the finger on which the ring is to be placed. Each of these rules helps the people around the ring wearer to know a little more about his personality or family situation, just by looking at his signet ring and its place on the finger. Among the ten fingers of the hand, there are two fingers that the man can choose to put the signet ring on, depending on the rank in the siblings. If the person is the eldest in his family, he must put the ring on the left ring finger, i.e. with his wedding ring, if he is married. And for younger men and younger children, it should be placed on the right ring finger.

The type of stone

The signet ring is first a herald of power according to the size of the stone on the ring. When the ring is worn with a large stone, we know that its owner is a very important man in the society to which he belongs (politician, dominator, prestigious...). If the stone on the signet ring is small enough, the person wearing it is someone modest. The type of stone can also change the signet ring. For example, if the user puts a fetish stone on his signet ring, it becomes a protective ring.

The type of pattern

A patterned signet ring can be used by the wearer in two different ways. The meaning of the pattern on the ring indicates the love situation of its owner. Specifically, a man who is still free will turn the pattern on his ring towards the nail. This is called turning in hand kissing. However, if the pattern on the signet ring is turned towards the wearer, it indicates that the person is already in a relationship with another person. This is called turning in battle. With all this information, we hope that you will pay attention to the choice of the pattern of your signet ring and wear it on the right finger.
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