How to wear diamond jewellery?

Published on : 29 January 20202 min reading time

In the past, diamonds were forbidden to young girls. It was a very important gift that only the husband could give to his wife. But nowadays, anyone who can afford it can wear diamond jewellery. However, you must know how to wear them properly.

Wear diamond jewellery according to the occasion.

Diamond jewellery is not to be worn every day. Even the rich don’t wear these valuable jewels every day. They should be chosen according to the occasion or the event to be celebrated. To attend a refined or prestigious evening, for example, do not hesitate to take the most beautiful jewels out of their box. But for a simpler occasion such as outings with friends or a family dinner, wear simpler diamond jewellery that is discreet enough not to overdo it. Usually, it’s a marvel that’s more ideal to wear during the evening. At nightfall, the stone that makes up the jewel will capture the light and reflect it. Thus, a diamond necklace or ring is brighter at night than during the day.

How much diamond jewellery should I wear?

Diamond jewellery should be limited. Even if you have many accessories, wearing too many diamonds is not pleasant enough. You should avoid wearing earrings, a bracelet and a diamond necklace all at the same time. It will break the look and especially the elegance of the outfit. It is necessary to choose a unique piece of jewellery. This way, you stay sophisticated and yet very classy with your diamond jewellery.

Clothing style and diamond jewellery

The type of clothing that you wear with diamond jewellery must be well chosen. It should not be associated with just any outfit in your closet. These are unusual jewels. It is therefore necessary to wear them with clothes that match them. Choose chic outfits instead of everyday street clothes. It is therefore essential to cross out jeans, T-shirts and jogging suits. Since diamond jewellery is worn at special and rather prestigious events, it is ideal to combine it with a classy dress and a well-arranged look. These accessories still require elegance and discretion.

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