How to maintain gold-plated jewellery?

Gold-plated jewellery is more delicate than gold jewellery. They require much more attention and special care. They are mainly made of iron and gold. Plated jewellery has a thin layer of gold. The gold part that surrounds it must be kept in good condition. Here are some practical care tips.

The onion for deep cleaning of gold-plated jewellery

The main objective of the maintenance and cleaning of gold-plated jewellery is to preserve its original shine and texture. Proper cleaning of these jewels that are not made of real gold preserves their brilliance for longer than possible. Their maintenance also allows us to avoid the darkening of gold-plated jewels when they are in contact with skin and sweat. There are simple preservation methods that anyone can do at home. They are very easy ways that do not require many ingredients and components that are difficult to find. Onion is very effective for cleaning gold-plated jewellery. Take an onion and cut it in half. Rub the jewellery to be washed with the first half of the onion. When the first half of the onion turns black, take the other half of the onion and rub it again on the gold-plated jewellery. Then rinse with tap water and wipe dry immediately afterwards.

Applying toothpaste

When you want to use toothpaste to clean the gold plating, use a soft brush or a very soft, moistened cloth. Take the brush, for example, put a layer of toothpaste on top and then rub the jewellery with it. A pause is necessary to dry the toothpaste before gently removing it afterwards.

The mixture of ammonia and water

Mixing water with ammonia is also an effective method of maintaining gold-plated jewellery. It is a non-violent mixture that cleans very thoroughly. To begin, take water and ammonia in equal amounts to make a mixture. Then take a soft brush that you will fool into this one. Then, pass one by one all the different corners of the jewel to remove the dirt. Then take some clean water and rinse the jewel with it before drying it with a chamois. With these little tips, we hope that your gold-plated accessories will keep their original shine and texture.
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