How to choose your wedding rings and engagement ring?

Published on : 29 January 20202 min reading time

Before a marriage, both spouses have a duty to find the woman’s engagement ring and their wedding rings. These jewels are meant to be worn for a long time. It is therefore necessary to make the right choice. Depending on the personality of the spouses or their preferences, they can opt for unique models.

Which engagement ring to choose?

Depending on the shape or type of stone chosen, each engagement ring has a meaning. Therefore, pay attention to the choice of the ring to be offered to the bride-to-be. Each style is different for each woman. There are several shapes. The simplest is the solitaire. It is a model made of one stone. This ring is simple but quite charming and most women prefer it. But if the bride likes the ring with several stones, there is also the trilogy. This ring is adorned with three stones which are believed to symbolize the past, present and future and the choice of stone should depend on the bride’s taste. Its colour and shape are unique. The characteristics of each stone must be considered.

Compatibility of rings

As the engagement ring is chosen first, we can have the combination look. We have two types of compatibility here. First, there is the idea of matching the engagement ring with the wedding rings. For more elegance, the bride’s two rings should be the same style. They should be designed with the same metal and have the same ornamental stone to create a chic ensemble. Brides and grooms can also choose two identical rings with different widths. However, choosing the same shape for the rings and diversifying the type of metal is also a good idea. In general, simple and discreet rings are more appreciated.

Buying advice and prices

The ring to be chosen must fit the finger of its owner. Adjustments in size are highly likely, hence the importance of ordering as soon as possible. Therefore, it is advisable to place orders and try on the ring months in advance. However, buy a ring according to your financial means. Under no circumstances should you seek to ruin yourself for an engagement ring and wedding rings. Choose the model that you like and that fits your budget.

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