Decoration: How to match colours?

When you wake up in the morning, you first see the colour of your room. It is essential to decorate the house well to have a serene life. The marriage of colours is very important. You cannot add up all the colours at random. Learn how to combine them and live in a pleasant and colourful home.

Colour combinations in monochrome

Colour declination is the issue in this system. Want to use your favourite colour? It's not a problem. All you must do to decorate is to take the colour of your choice and to decline it. You can make two shades. Either the tone will be one shade darker than the initial one, or it will become lighter. It will be as you wish. Green and blue are colours that form a perfect couple. Blue is very popular with westerners. This colour goes well with almost all other colours. Green, on the other hand, allows for a peaceful atmosphere. It is to be chosen if you wish to highlight a natural decorative style.

Contrasting style

You can also play with contrasts to decorate your apartment. Opposite colours are used to make the combination. You have the choice to work either with more energetic colours or with simpler and more natural colours. It is not necessary to have art deco qualifications. To make sure that the result corresponds to your expectations, try a small part first. Then colour the whole room if the colour suits you perfectly. But be careful, combining more than three colours is unpleasant to see. It will spoil the balance of tone.

Decorating in three colours

The trichrome decorating style is becoming more and more trendy in interior design. The technique is simple, first, discover all the colours. Take three according to your choice. These three colours will be used to decorate a well-defined room in your home. These paintings will be divided into two parts. The first one will be the main or dominant one. The other two will be called minor. You can for example colour the wall of the room with the most important colour. The last two will play their roles on the furniture in the room. Be aware that the chosen colour will guarantee the best luminosity of the room. So, try to make the right choice of the major colour. This will make the room brighter.
How to embellish your interior decoration?

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