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Published on : 29 January 20202 min reading time

Nowadays, make-up has become very popular. Its main goal is to become prettier than usual and to assert personality. Make-up helps to hide small imperfections on the face such as dark circles, small freckles and many others. To help you, here are a few tips.

Matte lipsticks

Makeup can create beautiful changes. But because it’s tasteless, overdoing it will become a disguise. Makeup evolves over time. To be at the top of fashion, keep up with what’s new. Going out on the street without putting on lipstick has become almost unavoidable for many women. The current trend is matte lipstick. It is present in every street and on television. Famous people choose it because of its texture. To intensify the beauty of your lips, apply your lipstick so that it is smooth and make sure to remove dead skin. There are two methods of application. Either you can apply lipstick that is already matte, or you can add matte powder. Both will have the same effect.

A pencil to change the volume of the lips

Our appearance often makes us complex, but thanks to make-up, everyone can become sublime. Thanks to lip pencil, we can reduce or increase the volume of our lips to give also a bigger look to the small lips and vice versa. How is this possible? It’s not rocket science. To reduce them, you just need to use a corrector pencil that is preferably a nude or transparent colour. You redraw with the external contours of the lips. You must put a little more on the corners in order to diminish this fleshy lip shape. To enlarge our lips, it is not a question of giving volume as in surgeries. The result of the augmentation is given just by placing the pencil a little above the contours. It is essential to insist on the cupid’s bow. And finally, we put on a gloss.

Black eyes

It’s fashionable to follow the practices of celebrities. Nowadays, everyone wants to look good for their makeup. It is possible to achieve this by using eye makeup. The colour black is used to have smoky eyes, totally black. It is beautiful and very trendy now. For this, you should always insert your eyelash pencil and eyeliner in your beauty case.

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