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Published on : 20 February 20203 min reading time

Unfortunately, not all women were blessed with lengthy, dense, and good-looking eyelashes. For the unlucky ones, they often end up applying too much mascara in an attempt to make up for this shortage, only for them to end up with chunky, spider-like eyes. While this is definitely not cute, women can now breathe a sigh of relief thanks to the advent of eyelash extension. But how do you choose the best extensions online? Here are a few tips as advised by

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The first thing you will learn in eyelash extension training is how to choose the right lash diameter. You can do this by checking the client’s natural lash diameter. Keep in mind that your goal here will be to ensure that the extension matches that of the natural diameter. There’re, however, some situations where you may need to use an extension that is slightly thicker than that of the client. But the rule of thumb is to try and always match the diameters.


When assessing eyelash extensions products, you will notice that they all tend to have varying lengths. Your main goal at this point is to try and ensure that you get to extend the natural lashes, without appearing to try too hard. The next step will involve determining the kind of style that the client wants.
Inquire from the client whether they want something full, subtle, or drastic! Longer extensions tend to appear a bit wispy. The shorter ones, on the other hand, will be much closer to the natural lash length. As such, this will provide the client with a darker and much fuller appearance.
However, it’s upon you to work together with the client to come up with a style that will work for them.
Pro Tip: When dealing with length and diameter, you have to determine whether the existing natural lashes are capable of supporting the weight of the extension that you will choose in these two categories. A client can either have weak or great lashes. This means that any lash that is either too heavy or too long will cause their natural lashes to start breaking down if it weak. Therefore, proper judgement is needed.


The final step in choosing an eyelash extension involves choosing the preferred curl. If you have received proper training on extensions, you should have the knowledge you need to select between the different available curls. Some of the available curls include:
I. J Curl
II. B Curl
III. C Curl
IV. D Curl
V. L Curl
Each curl is different. Make sure to choose wisely to ensure the client looks perfect after all is done. Here you can also involve the client to make sure that they are satisfied with the decision you are making.


If your knowledge of curls is minimal, the best approach would be to try and dive deeper into this particular category. Knowing the steps to follow when choosing a lash for your client will greatly boost your abilities, and help turn you into a master of any style. It also ensures that you get to do what’s right for your client. A simple mistake can ruin the whole look hence you need to be very careful in each and every step.

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